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 Dream Rules

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PostSubject: Dream Rules   Dream Rules I_icon_minitimeTue Dec 22, 2009 1:12 am

No magic. You may be a magical species (except for vampires, werewolves, and obvious ones that don't work without magic), but you may not have any of their magical aspects.

No unnecessary attachments. This means that your character may not have wings, horns, etc. unless your character is of that species. We will allow humans/humans with animalistic features.

No "natural" rainbow hair. We will allow weird hair colors as long as you establish that it's dyed. We will allow unnatural markings, but don't go crazy. No freaking coon tails or crazy piercings.

Clothing should pertain to the 1920's setting. We don't care if you wear the occasional quirky thing, but keep in mind the general fashion of the time. Just don't bust out the sparkly rainbow flapper dress.

No explicit sexual content. The era was a very, ah... suggestive one, but we will not allow cybering/yiffing/sexing of any kind in the dream. We also will not allow any nudity, meaning all of your character references need to be clean and you cannot walk around naked. Sorry. On that note, herms are allowed, as long as you don't go making it terribly obvious.


Don't piss off staff or patrons.
Also, if you have a problem with somebody OOC, do NOT let it affect you IC. We will notice, and we will punish you.

Posts should be at least 5 words. But we aren't going to be nazis and make you post long, fluffed up paragraphs.

You may not start big roleplay events without staff's permission. Which means that you aren't going to blow anything up or start a new mob without asking us first. New mobs must be approved and will be given a week's grace period (meaning they will not fight/be picked off so they can get themselves established). This is ONLY if you get permission.

You may not participate in big roleplay events until you submit an application and are approved.
You can still roleplay in the dream, though.
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Dream Rules
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