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 Kathrine Turner

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Character Application
Character Name: Kathrine Turner, who will only introduce herself as Ms. Kitty. She will not tell you her full name.

Alt Name: Flapper

Age: 23

Gender: Female

Occupation: Owner and operator of The Outraged Monkey speakeasy.

Social Class (high or low): High (inheritance from her deceased father)

Species: "Neko", a human with cat ears and tail.

In-Game Description: The dame is quite the live wire. Bobbed, jet-black hair frame a round face with full lips and rouged cheeks. Shockingly blue eyes stand out from their frame of long lashes and pale skin. She puts on the ritz, red dress covered in tassels swinging with her hips. Her gams are long for her short frame, fish-net stockings adorning them. Heels give her a few extra inches of height. Along with layers of chunky black necklaces and bangles, she wraps her fluffy black tail about her like a boa. Feline ears constantly monitor her surroundings.

Visual Reference (optional):
Kathrine Turner 15qeltt

Personality: She's a very strong individual who doesn't care about the opinions of those who are not close to her. She doesn't mind breaking the law as long as she feels there is good reason for it. She is strongly against prohibition and government drug control. However, she is extremely emotional and falls "in love" very easily. Passion drives her actions, and as a result, she will not work very hard if the job is not something she enjoys doing. As the owner of The Outraged Monkey, she is extremely protective of her primarily female employees, but in a way that is so aggressive that it may be off-putting. She will do anything to get what she wants, not that she's always successful.

A Very Brief History: Her father was a well-to-do man of Gatsby who gained a large fortune from lots of hard work and smart stock investments. Her mother died in child birth, so she was raised by a nanny as an only child. Her father never remarried. He also spoiled her rotten when he wasn't busy working. When he died, she inherited his fortune and hired a trusted friend of his to mind his shares. Once prohibition was established, Kathrine decided to invest her money in bootleg liquor distribution; she opened The Outraged Monkey.

Roleplay Post Example: Flapper gave herself a once-over in her spotless counter top before giving the bouncer a thumbs up. The barrel-chested man unbolted the door and checked in the customers one by one. She scanned them herself with a scrutinizing eye, seeing many a familiar face. Mobsters and policemen alike were appearing through the door as the night got going. "Time to get a wiggle on," she muttered to herself, putting on her most charming smile as she poured drink after illegal and terribly expensive drink.
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Kathrine Turner
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