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 Eva Schäfer

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PostSubject: Eva Schäfer   Eva Schäfer I_icon_minitimeFri Dec 25, 2009 10:39 pm

Character Application
Character Name: Eva Schäfer

Alt Name: Eva

Age: 19

Gender: female

Occupation: Waitress @ the Speakeasy

Social Class (high or low): Low

Species: Dwarf Hamster

In-Game Description: Little Miss Dwarf Hamster, dressed in a short, sleeveless dress of pink and cream; a fashion unlady-like for her era. Brunette hair stylishly cropped and finger-waved to break away from old, boring traditions. Large, teal eyes peered from under her bangs, which swept to the left, her lips were painted a vivid, attention-grabbing pink. This little lady was the timid underling of her feline-ish boss, Ms. Kitty.

Visual Reference (optional):

Personality: Timid, generally quiet. She's pretty nervous about bootlegging, however nothing frightens her more than *Ms. Kitty so she unquestionably does as Ms. Kitty says, whether its simple everyday tasks such as tending the bar, or humiliating herself by doing street performances outside the speakeasy for a few extra clams. However, should anyone threaten her home, friends, and especially Ms. Kitty, Eva's attitude makes an instant 180-degree turn and she'll yell, kick, and scream until the threat leaves. (* Eva is afraid of Ms. Kitty and any others of feline descent being as she's a rodent.)

A Very Brief History: Just breaking away from her high-class parents' traditional grasps via marrying her foreign friend Adolf, Eva managed to find her way into the Speakeasy. Instantly falling in love with the fun, refreshing atmosphere, and having no other place to go and not much funds, she wanted to stay and work there.

Roleplay Post Example: Eva pranced around the speakeasy, delivering gigglewater to their summoners. Oftentimes receiving playful, and thankful, ass-slaps, a few extra clams here and there, and plenty of winks, she exhaustively continued her tedious job always bearing a cheerful smile. All the dough collected went straight to her boss, the ever-so-keen, Ms. Kitty. She timidly bowed to her boss holding up the collected dough and mousily spoke "H-here's the rubes, Ms. Kitty..."
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Eva Schäfer
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