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 Chandler's Application

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PostSubject: Chandler's Application   Chandler's Application I_icon_minitimeSat Dec 26, 2009 9:47 pm

Character Application

Character Name:
Chand, Chandler.

Alt Name:




Social Class (high or low):


In-Game Description:
Chandler generally appeared to be an innocent teenager merely included at a social hierarchy in the city of Gatsby, living in a baronial, large house, easily mistaken for a mansion placed along the city streets. Sometimes, a black beret was neatly placed among his scalp. Dark hair plummets just above his eyes, gently combed across his forehead, remaining relatively short in the back. He had bright, circular eyes, and sharp irregular teeth. Dressed in a black vest, tie, with a white button-up longsleeved undershirt, along with striped pants. However, he was far from the "innocent" city-slicker he would seem at a first glance.

Visual Reference (optional):
None, at the moment.

Laid back, usually confident for the most part. The way he carries himself emits a mysterious feel. He's open-minded, and he gets angered pretty quickly, yet he also has a lot of self-control. He's very careful, and is also observant of his surroundings nearly constantly, even if it isn't too blatantly apparent that he does so. Not too trusting of others, is skeptical of everyone when he first meets them. Competitive, hates loosing at anything, usually. Chandler is very impatient, and hates to wait on others. He makes decisions promptly without notice, or thinking about any possible consequences that may occur afterwards. Chandler despises others trying to take control, and others telling him what to do, especially.

A Very Brief History:
Chandler grew up into a rich family, living in Gatsby his entire life for the most part. He had always been treated decently as a child, but as he got older he'd been neglected often by his family. Chandler also has a sister named Ashlee, who for the most part, is extremely close to. After he reached his teenage years in Gatsby, he began hanging out with crowds he normally wouldn't, or shouldn't, rather. (Kept it shooorrt.)

Roleplay Post Example:
Chandler yawns loudly as he pushes his bed sheets forward, flinging himself off of his mattress. He stretches lifelessly, still tired from the night before, being out with his friends. He quickly got dressed, and exited the room. He dragged himself through the hallway, greeting his sister as he moves past her, "Hello, Ashlee", before awaiting a response, he continues his way down the stairs. Making his way to the refrigerator. He was unsure of where his parents had been at that exact time, but really, he didn't care too much. He opened the fridge, swiping out a bottle of vodka, casually pouring it down his throat. The burning taste sure woke him up in the morning. He jolted out the door, slamming it shut, pacing down the porch, and began walking along the streets. (blahhhh, tried to keep it general?)
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Chandler's Application
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