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 Forum Rules

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PostSubject: Forum Rules   Mon Dec 21, 2009 6:11 pm

The basic rule that should cover almost everything is RESPECT.

I will not tolerate bitch-fits and needless drama. Honestly, it's not that difficult to avoid. If you don't like or agree with somebody, keep it out of our way. When you start flamewars and drama, all you're doing is causing problems that we don't need. We should all be mature enough to be civil and sort out issues like civilized people.

No sexual content. This is not your noob's yiff dream. That is not to say that you cannot develop sexual relationships between your characters, but keep it off the forums and keep it away from the public.

Be open to everybody's ideas. The whole purpose of this forum is to develop a roleplay haven that everyone can enjoy. If you don't like somebody's idea, you may say so, but be civil. "OMG UR AN IDIOT" really isn't productive.

The word of administrators/moderators is pretty much law
, but if you disagree with any of their actions, please send a complaint to the admin (Wings).

On that note, if you see any violation of these rules, please report them to the admin or moderators.

This list is subject to change at any time.
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Forum Rules
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