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 Bryant's App

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PostSubject: Bryant's App   Bryant's App I_icon_minitimeSun Dec 27, 2009 10:48 pm

Character Application

Character Name: Bryant

Alt Name: Bryant

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Occupation: Unemployed. Earns small amounts of cash through gambling and pick pocketing.

Social Class (high or low): Low

Species: Human

In-Game Description: A soft spoken voice echoed to those gullible to his underhanded ways. Always with dice or playing cards, a friendly game of cards always became a way for him to scam money from "chumps." Wearing a simple outfit consisting of a long sleeved shirt and dark jeans, he didn't know the meaning of formal attire. Looking out for only himself, the term humility seemed foreign to him.

Visual Reference (optional):

Personality: Sneaky and underhanded, his motives always drawn to benefit himself. A quick witted scammer who never heard of an honest day's work. Dishonest in every way imaginable, he was well hated by the upper class. Although he could easily scam those in the lower class, he never did. Believing that the rich didn't deserve their wealth, he fought to bring wealth back to the lower classes. Having a crude, "Robin Hood" complex, he found his home on the streets.

A Very Brief History: Bryant never knew his parents, being placed into foster care at an early age. Rarely staying in one home for long, he was on his own at age 16. Picking up a few card tricks from the locals, Bryant learned easy ways to scam morons out of a couple of bucks. Talented in cheesy street magic tricks, gambling, and pick pocketing, he was rarely without a scheme in hand.

Roleplay Post Example: Leaning up against the cold brick wall of a building, he faked a cough, trying to catch the attention of passerby. All it took was a glance from someone else and he'd have them playing his game. Offering a innocent smirk, he fanned out a few playing cards, wondering if they'd care to wager a few bucks on a poker game. "Come on pal... what's a game of cards among friends..?"
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Bryant's App
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