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PostSubject: Ashlee's App   Ashlee's App I_icon_minitimeTue Dec 29, 2009 8:11 pm

Character Name: Ashlee

Alt Name: Ashlee

Age: 24

Gender: Female

Occupation: None

Social Class (high or low): High

Species: Experiment

[In-Game Description: Cannibal at its finest; an experiment used as a prototype. Charred black skin covers most of her body, leaving the head, feet, and hands pale. Dark grey markings crisscross on the lower part of her back; gecko features, such as a long thick tail had developed on the poor girl's body while being experimented on-- the bumpy skin was only replaced with smoothness. Long, thin skinned ears that resemble those of a cat's often portray curious traits. Shoulder length black, messy hair normally covered the light blue eyes, even though they can no longer see color. The girl's wardrobe normally consisted of a black zip-up, thin sweater and pale blue, faded bell-bottoms. Tortured and punished, Ash slowly lost her insanity.

Visual Reference (optional):

Personality: Ashlee would be considered a retard because of her lack of vocabulary, which were mostly one to two word sentences. She often portrays curiosity of her surroundings, checking out things that drew her attention. Ash tended to be clingy to people close to her such as her younger “brother”. Being a cannibal and a murderer, she tended to “play” with her “food”, and of course, she was crazy.

A Very Brief History: Before all the misfortunate events of Ashlee’s life, she was a typical girl whose father was American and her mother was Asian; she had dreams of being a doctor, but that changed when she was kidnapped. For about a year, Ash was kept in a dark cell that smelled of dead bodies. Her parents were unaware of what had happened to her, and during that year they had split. Barely alive she was taken into some bright room and parts of her skeleton was replaced with some sort of steel, and then she was thrown into a tube where she had stayed in until she was fifteen. During this time, she had been injected with gecko DNA, and over the course of time her body developed some strange things such as the thick tail and long cat-like ears. Being affected by the fusing, she went color blind, and her mind was mentally damaged. When released Ashlee was provoked and punished with a shock collar electrocuting her; she was kept in a dark room—bounded with a straight jacket. Sometimes she would physically hurt herself such as banging her head up against the floor or wall. Eventually, Ashlee was able to escape and was taken in by an orphanage where a rather rich family adopted her out of pity. Unaware of her taste for human, the family had taken her to a few therapists, whom had prescribed her pills to control her bizarre behavior. She didn’t take any because she knows they wouldn’t help her any. Ashlee eventually grew close to the rich family’s son, and who to think that Chandler would be taking care of the murderer in the family. (Sorry it's kind of hard for me to make things brief.)

Roleplay Post Example: Ashlee sat further away from the group, minding her own business. The girl had her back to the bar, and she was lost in her own little world. Twisting the matted hair between her fingers, her face was blank; she had pretty much forgotten where she was including her brother. Ashlee hadn't really bothered on looking for him, nor did she care at the moment-- she was just waiting for a chance to escape out into the streets. Noises finally caught the absent girl's attention, but all she saw was just black, grey, and white shapes moving around.
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Ashlee's App
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