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 Sana's Application

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PostSubject: Sana's Application   Sana's Application I_icon_minitimeWed Jan 13, 2010 1:47 pm

Character Name: Sana

Alt Name: Sana

Age: 24

Gender: Female

Occupation: Police Officer

Social Class:[b] High...?


In-Game Description: She was of average height, lengthy black hair decorated with brown an blonde resting on her head, a jackal's ears sprouting from the strands with a tail to match. Dressed in an officer's uniform, one would guess she was one of justice. It was but a ruse; the girl was an item of hatred, treating everyone like the scum beneath her feet.

Visual Reference:

Personality: Vulgar and Smug. She has little respect for anyone is incredibly inappropriate when addressing them. She prefers to be in charge of situations so she may bend them as she will. Even when she pulls down her crude wall and genuinely wants to get to know somebody, she is socially inept and never knows what to say, thus she goes out of her way to make herself hated in order to avoid such situations.

A Very Brief History: Sana was abused as a child. Her mother died at childbirth and her father took it upon himself to let Sana know that her mother's death was her fault. For years Sana was enveloped in this fantasy world that she deserved what she got. Around the age of 14/15 she stopped accepting the ideal and starting fighting back. She called the police and her father was arrested when she was 15 and she went to live with her extended family in Gatsby. She had her heart set on becoming a police officer in order to help other cases of domestic violence, though kept her ambition secret and kept herself isolated throughout high school. Immediately upon graduating she began her police training at age 18, becoming a fully fledged officer at age 20. During her training she caught onto illegal tactics of making money such as coercion and extortion, and thus forgot all about her true reason for joining the force. While for the most part she follows her job, she investigates certain richer criminals in order to blackmail for money, reflecting her father's personality unto everyone else she meets.

Roleplay Post Example: Sana strided down the stairs of the speakeasy with both of her hands in her pockets, looking around the rom with a blank expression. Yeah, this certainly looked like the place she was looking for, she could easily get whatever it was shut down if it wasn't. " miss Kitty?" she asked, throwing her a glare.
(just copied from that rp e___e)
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Sana's Application
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