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 Character Application - Art Lesatz

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PostSubject: Character Application - Art Lesatz   Character Application - Art Lesatz I_icon_minitimeWed Apr 07, 2010 11:59 am

Character Application
Character Name: Arthur Lesatz - (Art/Arty).

Alt Name: Ivory Keys

Age: 25

Gender: male

Occupation: Unemployed Piano Player/Potential mobster.

Social Class (high or low): Low.

Species: Human.

In-Game Description: 'Oh what a charming fellow' And he did seem as such - a struggling artist trying to get by doing what he loved and looking the part, dressed in a snappy black suit with a purple tie, though often left slightly scruffily open at times - trilby hat upon his head and matching purple shoes upon his feet. The man had the eyes and face of an angel - blonde hair cut to his chin and bright blue eyes, enough to melt some of the hardest hearts. But looks can be decieving. Though he is artiistc and seemingly courteous, he strives for both money and status and will do absolutely anything to get his way - a bit of a brat, but more of a danger (when he's not completely drunk and forgetting his troubles on the tiles).

Visual Reference (optional): None as of yet.

Personality: He appears nice and friendly but he is not to be trusted. He thinks the worst of everyone and the best of himself - prepared to lie, cheat and break the law in order to get what he wants. A talented musical artist and conversationalist he lives life to the full and is indulgent and ambitious.

A Very Brief History: He is the son of a retired dancer and result of a one night stand - his mother refusing to tell him who his father is. He had a difficult childhood, his mother blaming him for the end of her career and he moved out of home and into a small apartment as soon as possible to seek his fortune.

Roleplay Post Example: Cigarette between his long, lithe pianist's fingers hanging out the window of his small apartment, Art contemplated what to do next. He had been working in a shop but he felt the place was beneath him and he had the desire to move on... He had written some new songs - a few classy jazz numbers that hopefully someone would like. If not then they should like his playing - he was damn good and he knew it, practising all the time. Flicking the butt away he'd close the window and crunching his knuckles he'd sit at his small piano again and play a jaunty tune. He was sure he'd have a singer laying on a grand piano in a club sometime. He was certain - Art Lesatz knew he was going to be the next big thing.

[I can post longer though para-multi.]
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Character Application - Art Lesatz
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